What’s The Plan Sam?

In Return Of The Wiz, Dorothy and her friends have a set destination. Dorothy knows that in order for her to get home she must: 1. Travel The Yellow Brick Road. 2. Go to Emerald City. 3. See The Wiz. 4. Ask for her and her friends wishes to be granted. 5. Go Home. We all know this story is not that simple right! She must travel the yellow brick road, befriend some unlikely characters, defeat crazed creatures, keep her silver stilettos on, survive Evillous, the wicked witch of the East and a host of bandits. All while gaining the crown to return to the Wiz so, he can grant the wishes of her friends and allow her passage to go home.

One thing we have to keep in mind, is Dorothy had a plan. She had a set destination and a goal that she had to accomplish to return to life as she knew it. There were obstacles in her way, she learned lessons along the way, and gained friends for life. But, she would have not accomplish this feat with out having an end destination.

In life whatever task you must take on, have a solid plan. With a plan you can map out your goals, find people who believe in your goal and also want to see you cross the finish line. Your counterparts will learn more about themselves and how going through the process with you made them grow stronger people. You will also come to know your inner strengths, weakness, passions, and realize that you have more strength to accomplish the goals you set out then you realize. So, what’s the plan Sam?

Start with an ideal, formulate it into a mental map, write out your map, and follow the roads that will lead you Home. How you start doesn’t matter, how you finish will determine who you really are and what you can accomplish if you put your mind to it.


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  1. Thanks for reminding me that we must have a plan for our destiny’s to be fullfilled. Great post.

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