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Hello Wiz Fans

Return Of The Wiz Blog Site is committed to allowing viewers to get an inside peek at the up and come, “Return Of The Wiz.” (The Movie) Return Of The Wiz is a remake of the 1978, “The Wiz.” Return Of The Wiz introduces you to the bratty, materialistic, Dorothy Marlene the 22-year old Daughter Dorothy Mae who experiences; death, grief, relationship building, overcoming adversity, self-love, purpose and coming full circle to trusting and loving other (post-grief) and making connections to the human heart.

Within this blog, our sole purpose is to connect readers, movie goers, and bloggers the the human element of the movie. Have you ever asked yourself after a movie…How did this movie speak to me? Why am I motivated to do more, or be more than I am? I’ve watched this movie and now I want to; Be A Better Parent, Start A Organization, Find My Purpose, Get A Better Job, Get involved in the community. Why? Because movies are made to invoke the emotions of the human spirit.

The Return Of The Wiz Blog will re-connect you to the human emotions of the heart and allow you to see how this movie will personally connect with your life.




  1. nina Said:

    hi how did you get the rights to do a remake?

    • Talia Moore Enterprises Said:

      Hi Ms. Nina,

      My version of this film is different then that of the orginal “Wiz.” I secured the rights to my characters and changed version of the Wizard of Oz. I got the copy right from the copy rights office. I hope that answers your question.

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