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I Was Born To Write This Movie

thewizlogoThis was an original vision and inspiration

Picture Created By Sherita Searcy

This is Talia Moore, the creator of the script, “Return Of The Wiz.” I will tell you the story about how this film touched my life and how I was born to write this script.

The Wiz was released, October 1978 in movie theaters nationwide. That was the same year that I was born, August 4,1978 to be exact. I was five years old when I remember seeing The Wiz for the first time. I was mesmerized by the characters, loved Micheal Jackson and could not wait for the, “Brand New Day,” song at the end of the film.

As I became older, The Wiz showed regularly every Christmas season. I was excited every year that I was bound to see my favorite movie at least one time a year guaranteed, until like the time I found out that Santa Clause was not real, after I turned 10, there would no longer be a Christmas showing of The Wiz on regular TV.

As I got older The Wiz faded from my memory. I grew older and went on to high school, college, married, and now two kids and two dogs later I had still kept the memory of The Wiz in my mind. I knew somehow that my favorite childhood movie would somehow follow me and have a significant impact in my adult life.

I will never forget it, I was alone on Christmas 2006 because I had to work and my husband and children had gone to my In-laws for the holidays. That year Dreamgirls had a Christmas opening date, and I was compelled to see it yet, the weather was not favorable and the nearest theater showing it was Syracuse, NY, which was an hour away from where I lived. Just as I wrapped up dinner with my friend Jen and her family, my twin sister called and enthusiastically stated that I had to see Dreamgirls tonight, that it was to good to pass up.

So, I jumped in my 92 Mecury Topaz and press through, snow, sleet and winds to see Dreamgirls. It was the greatest African-American musical I’d seen in film since, The Wiz. As I watched the film tears welled up in my eyes as a voice spoke to my spirit …write Return Of The Wiz. With determination in my heart for the next year and half I wrote and re-wrote, and re-wrote again Return Of The Wiz. Now that the script is complete the final step is to see it come to life on screen on Christmas, December 25, 20??

From growing up to love The Wiz , to the coming full circle to write its completion, only leads me to believe that I was born to write Return Of The Wiz. This is my dream. My birthright and my contribution to a classic that has touched the hearts of millions. My only prayer is that a completed remake of The Wiz will touch the hearts of a million more Return Of The Wiz fans that are yet to come. We all have a story to tell, all of us, and this is mine.


The Wiz Vs Return Of The Wiz Critical Review


The Wiz vs. Return Of The Wiz

By: Talia Moore

On the rector scale of 1-10 according to film critics The Wiz was a 2. It seems most of the criticism was aimed at Diana Ross, her age and her odd appearance and performance. Michael Jackson was a welcome and loved character, and the other characters were only an addition to a spiraling musical.

From the beginning of the production, The Wiz was un-budgeted, manipulated, transformed, and caused personal expense and frustration on all parties involved. It would have made more sense for the makers of this movie to follow the original stage production, but that would have been to easy. Under much undue stress the makers of, “The Wiz,” went with the script of Joel Schumacher, who completely re-wrote the movie to fit a New York state of mine.

Viewer criticism also raised questions of lengthy song renditions, poverty stricken scenes, and scantly clad dress dancers. There are so many questions gone unanswered, but why cry over spilled milk? Why not take the milk and make it into something that we can enjoy digesting?

Return Of The Wiz, is a carefully written remake of the 30 year old blunder of, “The Wiz.” Before Return Of the Wiz was written much research was done on; The Wizard Of Oz (1936) original screenplay. “The Wiz,” stage play (1975). The 1978, “The Wiz,“ screenplay and the 2006 stage play performances, “The Wiz, (De Stage play). When considering to create Return Of The Wiz all of the loose ends had to be tied up, there had to be a true emotional attachment, and the viewer would truly have to care about why Dorothy had to go home. Return Of The Wiz brings closure to a 30 year old question, “What happen to Dorothy?

Return Of The Wiz has bits and elements from each and every production from 1936-2006 Play and Screen productions of , “The Wizard Of Oz.” The characters are identifiable yet, popular for today’s audience. The casting selected for this movie targets a youthful audience. By using young actors and singers the youth audience can identify with the story and look forward to the performances of their favorite artist. Keeping the project young and modern, yet classy and classic will keep viewers coming to see this film over and over.

Visual effects for this movie must be the best ever seen. To make an epic movie, viewers must believe they are apart of something they can believe in and also fantasize about. By using special effects to make certain characters come to life is key to keeping the interest of the audience and moving the story to its peak performance. The setting takes place in Long Island, NY, but ventures into live locations of NYC instead of remote locations. Shooting background scenes will allow the viewing audience the visualize Dorothy‘s progression from Harlem to The Hampton’s and why their should be a peaceful end to this great story. Most viewers of this film are from urban areas, by viewing the film they will believe they can overcome temporary challenges and defeat their greatest fears to fulfill their ultimate purpose in life.

Some of the musical renditions of the original Wiz, have remained in, “Return Of The Wiz,” as classic music pieces, yet modern music must be composed to update musical numbers for a modern sound. To support the continuance of the storyline, we must integrate the music as apart of the plot, instead of placing the music as a full rendition in it’s self.

Return Of The Wiz will reset the precedent for the Wizard of Oz renditions. Truly the best is yet to come. This film is available for option. For more information about this film please visit or .

The Wiz History

Source: Wikipedia

Motown Productions acquired the film rights to The Wiz in 1977, and signed Stephanie Mills in anticipation of having her star in the film adaptation. Motown singer and actress Diana Ross asked Motown CEO Berry Gordy to cast her as Dorothy instead, but Gordy declined, feeling the thirty-three year old Ross was far too old for the part. However, Ross contacted Rob Cohen of Universal Pictures, who offered to have Universal finance the film if Ross were to play Dorothy, at which point Gordy acquiesced.

The resulting film version of The Wiz also starred former Motown star Michael Jackson as The Scarecrow, Nipsey Russell as the Tin Man, [Richard Pryor]as the Wiz, and Lena Horne as Glinda the Good Witch. Ted Ross and Mabel King reprised their respective roles of the Cowardly Lion and Evilene from the Broadway production. Sidney Lumet served as director, working with screenwriter Joel Schumacher (who used none of Brown’s stage script) and music supervisor Quincy Jones. Although the stage musical’s setting begins in Kansas before moving into the fanciful Oz (as do most other versions of the Oz stories), the film version of The Wiz is set in New York City: Dorothy’s real-life home is in Harlem, and the Oz of the film is an alternate fantasy version of the rest of New York City. The $22 million production was poorly received by critics and grossed only $12 million during its original theatrical release. Nor has it become an annual favorite on television as the famous 1939 film of “The Wizard of Oz” did.

The Wiz was Michael Jackson’s first feature film, and is Diana Ross’s final theatrical feature film to date. Its commercial failure helped to bring to an end the stream of all-black films that had begun with the “blaxploitation film” era of the 1970s.[1][2] However, Michael Jackson and Quincy Jones’s collaboration on the film’s soundtrack led to Jones producing three of Jackson’s most successful albums, Off the Wall, Thriller, and Bad. In later years, due to its recurrent broadcasts on television, The Wiz has become something of a cult classic among African-American audiences. [3]

We Knew It Would Happen..We Didn’t Know When..Until Now! Return Of The Wiz (The Movie)

Return Of The Wiz (The Movie)

History repeats itself thirty years later with, Dorothy Marlene as the 22-year old daughter, of the late Dorothy Mae, who along with her dog, Toto are engulfed in a swirling hurricane and thrown into the land of Oz.

Dorothy’s challenges begin when she finds her one-way ticket home, granted by the Wiz will cost her the price of her life. Along her journey she befriends a brainless electronically controlled Scarecrow, a heartless Tin Man from Lover’s Lane, and a socially rejected cowardly Lion from the Congo.

The quartet battles against; sinister flying monkeys, reformed munchkins, hideous crawling creatures and the ultimate Evillous, the daughter of the late Evilleen Wicked Witch of the West, before the Wiz will grant their personal wishes.