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RIP Micheal Jackson-The One True Wiz

With This Dedication We Say: Thank You Michael Jackson For Being The One True “Wiz,” That has captivated us all.


The Wiz was a film that has captivated the imagination of many young and old for over 30 years now. With the cast of Diana Ross, Nipsey Russell, and Richard Pryor who would have thought a, “KING,” would humble himself to play the role of a outcasted scarecrow who would captivate us, motivate us and have us moving and grooving for years to come.

Micheal Jackson’s scarecrow was truly the star of this film, one that he will be remember for, not only for dancing and singing his way into our hearts and lives, but believing that we to could dream, and take the roads less traveled to find our true purpose. 

This Blog is a dedication to his work in not only song and dance but is contribution to Film and Cinema Arts. Thank you for allowing a little five year old girl dream the impossible dream of one day remaking this film as a dedication to the work, life and art of you, Micheal Jackson. Thank you so much for your contribution to this earth. As we look today upon your memorial I thank God for sending an angel to bless us all. Thank you for leaving your legacy in the earth.

From the staff and writers at DT Productions we salute you Micheal Jackson, and may the Lord God, rest your soul and spirit in his great peace and love.

Talia Moore