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Long Time No See

Hello All, We have been away creating the perfect platform for Return Of the Wiz. Our most recent updates has us linked with one of the largest American Blunders in American History, FEMA. DT Productions have made plans to connect with Hurricane Katrina Survivors who have been affected by the FEMA Hurricane Crisis to launch a national film/natural resource fundraising efforts to provide 100 families with eco-friendly housing that will allow them to be be healthy and live productive lives.

For more on our efforts to support Green The Gulf and our efforts toward raising awareness about our efforts in the gulf, please visit our main blog site;


Life After Death

In Return Of The Wiz, Dorothy Marlene witness the death of her parents. She is left alone with her dog Toto and forced to face their death by honoring their wishes to have their remains sprinkled over the Hudson.  Have you ever gone through a trauma that shocked you so much you life existence shut down? Here’s a story you may identify with. We welcome your comments.

I Lost Both My Parents Within 9 Months-By Kathi Stauffer

My father passed away June 28th 1998 on my 45th birthday. After he passed away I took my 81 year old mother to live with me and my family she had Alzhiemers. I took total care of her 24 hours a day 7 days a week with no help. My husband told my dad that if anything happened to him we would care for my mom, he wasn’t to worry. I kept my mother with us for 6 long months, some days I thought I would go crazy. January 15 my mother fell on the ice and fractured her wrist, I decided that it was time I made a decision to place her in a nursing home. The hardest decision I have ever had to make in my life. I chose a nursing home nearby so I could visit frequently. She adjusted so well in her new home I was finally happy for her. Her worst fear was being alone, in the home she was never alone. March 8th I got a phone call in the wee hours of the morning from a nurse, saying my mom was headed for the hospital, she was having trouble breathing. I was called later to inform me that mom suffered from congestive heart failure and artial fibrullation, The same thing my dad had.

I was shocked. My mother never recovered, she went back to the nursing home, there they did everything possible for her. I stayed by my mothers side as long as they would let me. She lay in an almost comatose state for three weeks. April 6 my mother left us to be with my daddy. My brother and myself were with her the whole day, I kept telling her not to be afraid and that she should go with dad. I couldn’t tell her enough how very much I loved her and wanted her suffering to end. 3:45 April 6 my mom took her last breath, I was holding her hand, I told her to ‘run’ to dad. The funeral was beautiful, she loved pink and red, so the inside of her casket was a baby pink, I chose a lovely outfit for her that complimented the pink lining beautifully. She looked so peaceful I could almost see her breathing. I am now trying to pick up the pieces of my life, I have spent the last 3 years of my life caring for my mother and dad, I almost don’t know where to begin. All I do know is that after being married for 58 years my mom and dad are together again, and very happy. I am so very sad but at the same time I am thrilled they are happy again. I will see them again some day. I went to bed the night my mom died, with a smile on my face picturing them together.

Please share your story.